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Amanda is a local business owner, and lives on a small hobby farm. She knows the challenges involved in starting up and running a small business -from staffing, administration/book keeping, inventory, advertising, and most importantly business tax. Amanda is passionate about reducing business taxes, removing pointless regulations and making it easier for new businesses to be created.

Amanda’s motivation for running for candidacy kicked off because she saw that rural/regional areas have been neglected, divided and ignored by the government. Having engaged with her local community she discovered there are many more issues facing her region; including lack of educational resources, destruction of farming land, lack of health services and most recently medical segregation. Amanda would like to help reconnect, and rebuild and fight for her community.

“I want to give a voice back to regional and rural Victoria. For too long regional and rural areas have been forgotten. Decisions made in and for metro areas have different impacts/consequences to that in regional Victoria. Decisions on regional and rural issues NEED to be made by regional people that live and work in these areas.

“It is my belief too that there needs to be a “redefinition” of what is deemed as “regional”. No longer should it include major cities like Frankston or Geelong. Regional areas like Portland, Hamilton and Colac are struggling to get resources in healthcare, emergency services and education. We need someone that will specifically fight for regional and not take no for an answer.

“Farmers are the backbone to the Australian economy and its time that they are treated with respect and dignity that they deserve. We need to be listening and working with farmers plan for the future. We need to be tackling the debt situation and the over use of regulations head on otherwise these farmers/primary producers will cease to exist.

“I see this upcoming federal election as an opportunity.
This is OUR opportunity to be heard...
This is OUR opportunity to change the future...
This is OUR opportunity to protect our morals and ethics...
This is OUR opportunity to take Canberra head on and stand up for Regional Victoria!”

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As civil rights leader Coretta Scott King once said “Freedom and justice cannot be parceled out in pieces to suit political convenience. I don't believe you can stand for freedom for one group of people and deny it to others.”

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